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Portal pages on mobile should be blacklisted
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These really look terrible on mobile.

Frustratingly none of them use common templates.

I'd like to suggest we replace these pages with a warning saying that they are not formatted for mobile with a link to the desktop version.

I'd like to replace the body output of this page with "Portals are best viewed on the desktop version of the site. Button:View on desktop

The link would apply useformat=desktop
Any objections?

(Every time I see a portal rendered in the mobile view part of me dies)

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+1/-1, technically a 0 :D
It's right, that Portal pages doesn't look very well in MobileFrontend, so they should be viewed on desktop.

MobileFrontend shouldn't alter the content in any way, this would be the first step into the "Special handling for special pages" direction :(

A suggestion for a (maybe) better message:
"Unfortunately Portal pages doesn't render very well on mobile, they're best viewed on the desktop version. Button:View on desktop"

I'm unsure :(

If we implement it, we should check an URL parameter to enable maintainers of Portal pages to check the actual status of the portal page (e.g. forcemobile=true).

There are CSS classes available that improve the appearance, but most portals have not been edited to use them. See

Thanks @John_of_Reading I didn't realise someone was looking into this.
How can we help speed this a long?

Is it possible for all portals to use a generic template in the work you propose?

Personally I would say just be bold and do it. It might be worth mailing wikitech-l / Village pump to bring attention to this post.

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This is an editor issue and issues should be fixed on a case by case basis. The example portal page for Physics looks much better now for instance.