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2015 MediaWiki Developer Summit session proposal: Service design goals, issues and infrastructure
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Panel discussion, not necessarily in the main track.

  • Available and planned SOA support infrastructure
    • RESTBase: storage, REST API and service orchestration
    • Auth service
    • PHP API
  • Common issues, and where in the stack we can handle them:
    • Demand management, "back pressure", circuit breakers
    • Authentication
    • public vs. private APIs
    • Operational / practical: monitoring, deployment
    • Caching & invalidation strategies
  • How can we move towards multi-DC operation without making life for service authors really complicated?
  • Desired attendees: Gabriel Wicke, Services team, Faidon Liambotis, Sean, Chris Steipp

Should not be in parallel with the other SOA sessions (T85154, T86567, T86372).