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Allow inserting non-breakable space ( )
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If we try to creat the Good and Features articles on Czech Wikipedie, we have several typographical rules, what kind of peaces of text cannot be on the end of the line. So normally in wikitext, we were adding   entity. But there is still no way how to do it in VisualEditor. I dont think the future newbies will use wikitext much, tu be able to do this.

I guess other languages also uses non-breakable space in certain moments.

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And I guess that other pair characters should work on the same principle, such as: »« (and I dont see others in my special character menu - but if they are...).

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UI-wise, could probably be added as a special character?

This is a dupe of and/or . Juandev, if your wiki lacks the "»«" marks in the special character inserter, please see here. Thanks!