VisualEditor: Add non-breaking space (nbsp) to the "special character" dialog
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Author: misc2006

The most obvious way to add a non-breaking space (other than typing it, see T53045) would be the Insert -> Special Characters dialog.

Alternative: T53045: VisualEditor: Ctrl+Space/Opt+Space to insert a non-breaking space (NBSP)


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Adding 68425 or users will have no idea what it is.

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A hopefully clearer rationale for this request, from User:Gnom:

Our typography rules call for a non-breaking space when discussing units and abbreviations ("a marathon is run over a distance of 42.195 km" calls for 42.195 km ; "water boils at 100 °C" requires 100 °C ; "Mary Shelley created the character of Dr. Frankenstein" includes Dr. Frankenstein ). I frequently use it in every law-related article in relation to the "§" sign, an example for this would be the article on Mietvertrag (Deutschland).

(Notice the several occurrences of the NBSP in

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Or you could somehow annotate the whole word as nowrap. Arguably <nowrap>100 °C</nowrap> would be clearer than 100&nbsp;°C

We already have the ability to use different label on the button than the character that will be inserted (we use it for more meaningful labels for combining characters, and in fact for invisible ones like zero-width non-joiner and joiner). We should probably make the label say "NBSP" if we do this.

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Due to various implementation details this is more difficult than it looks (it's not just a matter of adding an entry to the list of available characters). If we implement T53045: VisualEditor: Ctrl+Space/Opt+Space to insert a non-breaking space (NBSP), I'm not sure if this one will be worth it.

Given that happened, I guess that the special character option is still more difficult to implement than the other one, even if just as a temporary workaround?