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Convert git-sync-upstream script from bash to python
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Is currently somewhat complicated, so that would simplify things. Also would help send stats to stads easily.

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What is git-sync-upstream ? Where is it ?

I don't agree at all. The script is extremely simple and is just doing some very simple operations with git. I don't see why rewriting this in python would give us any advantage.

(Also, why is this a Beta Cluster project bug? What am I missing/not understanding?)

@greg it's a bc bug because of the task it blocks - I want to move it to python so we can send stats to graphite about how many cherry-picked commits are there, and have it alert on that :)

@Joe I think bash is a terrible language when you aren't just executing a sequence of commands (with or without piping). My personal guideline is to rewrite to python whenever there's more than one control structure in the script and / or when I am going to add a new feature to it, which are both true here.

On second thoughts, a lot of the complexity in that bash script can go away, so I'm just going to do that instead.

Still think complicated bash scripts should be moved to python, though :)