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register .wiki gTLD domains
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this is to continue the open RT ticket #5340 - register .wiki gTLD domains

it's a long ticket and all about the .wiki TLD. we once got it from Raymond King of ICANN wiki and .wiki and met at office and already had it working for one day but then ICANN took it back and we're still waiting on the outcome of that.

quote from Yana: "
"Ray has agreed to give us It will take a few months as the TLD is still in the period when only trademark registrants can register domains."

Tue May 06 22:08:53 2014 - Daniel Zahn -
"yesterday Ray was at the office and gave us :)

DNS change:

Apache change:

for now it will redirect to the index page

later it will redirect to a landing page kaldari is working on

Wed Aug 27 21:35:29 2014 Daniel Zahn

"comment: unfortunately as taken from us again shortly after we got it, by ICANN. we are meanwhile waiting on info from Ray when/if this can continue.

setting to stalled "

the issue is about 2 letter domain names. Ray can give us 1 letter and 3 letter domain names, but ICANN has special rules for the 2 letters like "de" "fr" etc. that we wanted for the language versions, because they say they can be confused with existing TLDs .de .fr etc.. afaik.. ianal

we need to ask Raymond King about the status here at some point

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We now have,, and a large number of two-letter language code .wiki domains:

aah, yes, this is like back in and but it was rejected back then because i was linking them to actual and we didn't have the parking template yet back then.

so now we need changes like above but linking all to "parking". see @BBlack's comments on the gerrit links above. specifically the " for now we should point them at a relatively-empty zonefile with just the appropriate top-level NS/SOA records "

Are we seriously going to hold all of these?

We can keep these parked until we plan to use them. Thanks!

@BBlack what would you prefer, just close this and leave as is, or should i add the symlinks to parking for them?

I don't really have a strong preference, so long as they're not browser-functional. The path of least resistance would be to not even park them unless someone has a reason to do so. The only exception is, which is already configured and in-use for the URL shortener.

Ok, thanks. I'm going that path of least resistence and i call this resolved.

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I see some refs to this ticket flying around, and recheck on some old DNS commits to add language/project domains under .wiki to our DNS, which were abandoned long ago.

I really don't think it's wise for us to pursue this, at this time, for a variety of reasons (mostly the same ones as last time we re-visited this).

At the very least, we should get over the hurdle of properly supporting (with LE certs) our multitude of existing non-canonical domainnames before we start adding a giant slew of new ones.

Even then (when we get to a point where these could theoretically be added to the non-canonical set we're supporting with mass LE certs) I have doubts about the utility and wisdom of using .wiki for any particular purpose, even as a redirect. There are a lot of subtle concerns here around redirects, lending our legitimacy (to the rest of .wiki, which could be skinned to look very much like our projects), and getting this through STS preload and such...