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action=wbgetentities should contain information about redirect resolving
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When query the action=wbgetentities api action with a id which is a redirect the api result does not contains information about the redirect resolving. This makes it impossible to remap ids on the client for further processing.

The normal action=query&titles= for example contains a redirect section with the information about from and to.

I am using format=xml which does not contain this information.
For format=json there is this information because the index for the array contains the old id and the id= property contains the new one.

Please add a resolving section. Thanks.

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So for example ?action=wbgetentities&ids=Q4

    "entities": {
        "Q4": {
            "pageid": 1,
            "ns": 0,
            "title": "Q1",
            "lastrevid": 999,
            "modified": "2015-01-17T00:44:03Z",
            "id": "Q1",
            "type": "item",
            "redirected": "Q4",
            "labels": {
                "en": {
                    "language": "en",
                    "value": "some label"

Any objections to this format?

I would like something like this:

"redirects": [
        "from": "Q2745924",
        "to": "Q1641487"

These redirects seems to use the redirect table, that allows the use of ApiPageSet with its function getRedirectTitlesAsResult and possible getNormalizedTitlesAsResult to include also normalization (like q4 -> Q4)

Change 204758 had a related patch set uploaded (by Addshore):
Add redirect info to wbgetentities result

Change 204758 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add redirect info to wbgetentities result

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