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Migration of the Zero team to Phabricator
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There have been some discussion here and there about the migration of the Zero team to Phabricator. They are using Trello currently.

One additional aspect to consider is that some of their tasks need to be private, since they are dealing with partner information. One theoretical option is to move all the public development to Phabricator, leaving a Trello board for private tasks. For what is worth, Fundraising-Tech have a similar problem, and a solution is being discussed at T88762: Enable select Fundraising people to modify policy for tasks.

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If/when you decide to move to Phabricator entirely, will you need migration of Trello cards to Phabricator tasks, aka someone to run T821: Trello -> Phabricator migration script?

Hi, I'm preparing the Phabricator migration statistics for the #Engineering-Community quarterly review. Currently T434: Show percentage of teams migrated to Phabricator for project management reports that your situation with Phabricator is

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Is this accurate?

I wonder what is the status of this task after the Engineering reorganization. As far as I can see in the org chart, there are no engineers assigned solely to a Zero team.

Dan, Yuri, Adam, can you help providing an update about this task, and the needs for Zero related development? (I know some of you are not in Zero anymore, I'm just trying to find the answer).

Hi - we are fully migrated to Phabricator, no need for any Trello migration.

Currently, Yuri and Jeff are actively supporting the project for the next month or so, and Adam is providing some oversight but he is not a developer for Zero.

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Thank you for the update @DFoy!