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Impose standard on capitalizing concept terms in messages
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Currently, there is a mix-up of capitalization in the messages regarding terms that represent software concepts. The affected terms are, for example, "s/Statement", "i/Item" and "p/Property" while, for example, "qualifier" and "label" are only present in lower-case at the moment.
In terms of consistency, there should be a policy on whether to apply capitalization to terms that inherit software concepts. Personally, I would propose to always capitalize such terms as that would stress their special meaning. "A statement" is not the same as "a (Wikibase) Statement"; See also:, and, in particular,

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I also vote for capitalization. This is especially important for (intentionally) vague concepts like "Entity", "Item", "Property", and "Form" (part of Wikidata Lexicographical data). Think of a form to edit a Form. Think of a property of a Property. Think of a list item linking to an Item. All these sentences start making a tiny little bit more sense if the first letter is an uppercase one.