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Indicators overlap "More" dropdown menu contents
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When one edits a page with a {{Coor}} template on Dutch Wikipedia (nlwp), the geographical coordinate shown in the righthand top corner of the page is drawn twice. One in the original spot and one in the visual editor area. The width of the two 'widgets' seems to be identical but they are otherwise styled differently.

I am not entirely sure whether this is a VisualEditor/Parsoid bug, but it appears whenever one edits a page with the {{Coor}} template on nlwp. I have not tried this on any other wikipedias.

Partial screenshot:

Page where this manifests itself:

Tested with browser:
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_2) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/40.0.2214.111 Safari/537.36 (Chrome 40, retina display)

The issue occurs with other browsers and operating systems as well, I have been told.

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This is because the Dutch wiki uses JS to reposition the element dynamically (into a spot where VE will not hide it like it does the rest of the content, just fades it). If you disable JS, you will see that the second spot (the one overlapping with the content in the VE) is the 'natural' position where the coordinates end up if you don't use Javascript.

Thanks TheDJ. Wondering if that means this is an underlying on-wiki code problem that VE should not care about. Or should.

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Thanks for looking into this. It sounds like this means there is something Dutch wikipedia should do about this. Are there pre- and post-editing Javascript hooks that can be used? What is the approach you recommend?

You can use the new <indicator> parser hook, and get rid of the JS entirely. :)

On pl.wp we switched to using it for coordinates, FA icons, etc., and never looked back. Looks about the same, infinitely less effort to keep it working. Example simple page:ęczyce

Thanks, @matmarex! I'll look into that.

@matmarex It's been a while, but by now I have had a chance to look into it. I run into a very similar issue in that the <indicator>s have a CSS z-index of 1, which cause them to be drawn through the vectorMenu items in the #mw-head div. An example of this behaviour can be seen on (screen shot below) – I see that the drop-down menu isn't used in the Polish wikipedia, so it's not an issue there.

I guess this is no longer a Visual Editor issue, but an indicator issue. Should I file a new ticket?

I have not changed the indicators on Dutch wikipedia yet for this reason, so it's still blocking the Visual Editor as main editor launch for nlwp.

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As can be seen in the image in my previous comment, the drop-down in the Vector skin interferes with the indicators. I have added a change to my personal CSS on NL-Wikipedia which I will test out a little bit more before I create a pull request for the Vector skin. A chat on IRC with @matmarex turned out that there are a few things that could be affected by changing the z-index of the Vector drop-down menu:

  • The Echo notifications popup
  • VisualEditor's floating toolbar
  • The body text (z-index: 0)
  • The indicators of course (z-index: 1)

From what I gather from MatmaRex (please forgive the direct quotes here), the z-index: 1 on the indicators are to create a new "stacking context", which basically means that elements with high z-index inside the indicators container will not overlap UI elements, regardless of how high their z-index is. Further, the z-index ensures that the indicators will overlap body text content, this is mostly intended to handle indicators that are very high, or offset to the bottom, like the coordinates on the English Wikipedia. Since .mw-body-content has z-index: 0, indicators have z-index: 1 - without it, the links in coordinates wouldn't be clickable, if they were implemented using indicators. (end MatMarex quote)

This means we can't simply remove the z-index from the indicators, so z-index: 2 on either .vectorMenu or .menu is probably the right choice.

Change 225114 had a related patch set uploaded (by Florianschmidtwelzow):
More-menu needs to overlap indicators

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More-menu needs to overlap indicators

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