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Improve glossaries to better help Wikimedia editors understand technical terms
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[Creating a stub task for reference. Will expand later.]

In previous years (2012, 2013, 2013 discussion), I've looked into how to improve Wikimedia glossaries to make them more useful. The glossaries were expanded and consolidated a bit, but there's still a lot of work to do before they're as useful as they could be. One particular hurdle is that it's difficult to maintain translatable glossaries.

Translatable and queriable glossaries would provide more flexibility in how their content can be reused in various forms and places. For example, @Eloquence suggested that we could use glossaries to show tooltips-like information (similar to Reference tooltips) for technical terms. This could help users better understand technical updates and could complement our efforts to keep technical texts readable.

I have a few vague ideas about how we could do this. I'll post them here once my thoughts are more organized.

See also T52092: Implement glossary (terminology) support for i18n

Partial overlap with T150263: Create a searchable and shared glossary

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What projects are supposed to be listed here?

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Looking at looks like the main problem to solve is the consolidation of glossaries...

I'm prioritizing this task as Lowest only to reflect that #Engineering-Community is not planning to work actively on this task. If someone takes it, great.

We're currently talking about the need for this but don't have a commitment or resolution due to our resources at the moment, as well.

Closing this open #WMF-Product-Development-Process task as that project seems dead for years (see T253629). Feel free to reopen this task either if someone will take responsibility, or if this task should remain open and (!) tagged with some other active (!) project tag. Thanks a lot!