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Move file metadata copy handling to describe step, change UX
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I'd like there to be a saner structure for metadata copying; and separate from that, we could make the UX a lot nicer for the copy interface. Pau has some ideas for that, so this card is here for him to chime in.

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I've considered two scenarios to cover:

  • Adding details in batch The user uploads a big number of files which common properties (e.g., all pictures of Wikimania 2015 day one). Ideally users should be able to provide the common information to all of them.
  • Opportunistic reuse The user uploads a smaller number of images and as the user fills the information finds the need to repeat some of it (from 12 images, 4 share the same location and categories).

I proposed some ideas for the different cases below.

Adding details in a batch

The current solution in Commons is based on providing a way to propagate the fields of the first item. The fact that users already provided the information thinking about the first item and the call to action being at the end of it makes it hard to identify as a way to provide info on all files.

We can provide an element that represents the whole list of items uploaded (only when there is more than one), that provides a more clear action to add the common details to all of them. Users interested in doing so, will get a form that fills information for all files.

You can check a prototype or the mockups below:

upload.png (1×1 px, 200 KB)

upload-expanded.png (2×1 px, 233 KB)

Additional notes:

  • The form to provide the details in the mockup is only intended to communicate the idea, many details are missing. For now it can be the very same form using to provide details for individual files with the difference of (a) all fields being optional, and the title having an additional description about numbers being added.
  • We may want to measure the current use of the current solution when there are several files, to set a baseline.

Opportunistic reuse

For this scenario we may want to provide some shortcut to copy the values for the item above at the moment the user needs them. I think this can be integrated using some existing mechanisms to facilitate the data input, but it would require some general work on standard form controls. Some examples below:

  • For categories (and other components where auto-complete makes sense) we can show an option to copy categories at the auto-complete list based on the categories added for the file above once the user selects the input field but has not started typing yet.

categories.png (98×208 px, 7 KB)

  • For text areas we may want to provide an action as part of the input area. This goes along the lines of Flow's editing toolbar (T90764) , and for elements wee rich text may be supported the actions should be integrated in the editing toolbar.

description.png (140×426 px, 11 KB)

OK, I'm going to say that this task will encompass the first scenario, we can file another task for the other option.

n.b. this requires a lot of upstream work from OOUI people that may be on hold for a few weeks.

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Give up, put copy metadata widgets on every upload

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