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MobileFrontendHooks::onResourceLoaderTestModules is really slow
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35.40% 365.997      1 - ResourceLoader::__construct
33.23% 343.579      1 - ResourceLoader::registerTestModules
32.90% 340.115      1 - hook: ResourceLoaderTestModules
32.88% 339.895      1 - MobileFrontendHooks::onResourceLoaderTestModules
32.87% 339.834      1 - MobileFrontendHooks::onResourceLoaderTestModules

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Run only if you set $wgEnableJavaScriptTest = true; - so in WMF production this is test2wiki only

Change 231630 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jdlrobson):
Simplify construction of qunit test module

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Change 231630 merged by jenkins-bot:
Simplify construction of qunit test module

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We're now at:

10.19% 279.634      2 - MobileFrontendHooks::onResourceLoaderTestModules

For comparison:

1.32% 36.240      2 - EchoHooks::onResourceLoaderTestModules
0.39% 10.687      2 - ThanksHooks::onResourceLoaderTestModules

Well it's a third of the speed now and you didn't specify a target measurement

Given MobileFrontend has a lot of tests I would expect it to be slower than Thanks and Echo.

What is the impact on tests? How much slower do they run like this? Will the world melt if we don't do anything?

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Until more clarity about the exact problem.

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