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Incorrect itemType causing missing parameter in citation
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At I tested Citoid and gave it the link to a user sandbox.
I get a "{{Article}} : paramètre « périodique » manquant" error. When I click on Modifier, I'd expect the field for the required parameter to show up immediately in the inspector, rather than having to look for it.
If I try this on test2 (same URL) I don't get the same error, so it must be related to TemplateData.

This is due to the fact that these url is coming back as itemType blogPost, but being cast to Article, which does not have a way to translate the field "blogTitle" to "periodique". This is a very general problem having to do with the way we translate between our types and templateData types, and unfortunately is not easily resolvable without creating new templates for those types or adding expanding the way templateData works.

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Okay, what's going on here is a mismatch between the "Article" type and the "encyclopediaArticle" type.

For most of the "Article" types, the "periodique" value should be the same as publicationTitle. Unfortunately in the encyclopediaArticle type, this field is called encyclopediaTitle. So there is no publicationTitle for encyclopediaArticle, only encyclopediaTitle, and the parameter comes up missing.

This is one of those inherent problems with trying to match zotero types and template data to existing template types and template fields.

On fr wiki, is there an encycolpedia Article template like there is on en wiki? The best solution would probably be to add a template specifically for encyclopedia articles in the Mediawiki: defintion, and then give it the correct template data. Then we'll be able to represent this without doing anything on the backend. That is, in the event that all encyclopedia Articles have this field instead of publication title (not actually sure about this, see below)

The only other option would be for the backend to either a) coerce encyclopediaArticle types into some other type (BAD idea, I think) OR add a publicationTitle field that just has the same value as encyclopediaTitle and leave both fields in. Which is sad and messy, but the most forwards compatible. OR we can convert all encyclopediaTitles into publicationTitle field.

The weird thing about this is that lists both publicationTitle and encyclopediaTitle as valid fields with pub title in parens. My experience thus far with Zotero is actually these types come back with publicationTitle, not the type specific title. So I'm not entirely sure this is even consistent between translators. I'll ask Zotero folks and report back.

@Jdforrester-WMF, thoughts?

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So on the listserve I discovered that it turns out I was under a terrible, terrible misapprehension that Zotero uses base types instead of item specific types. This is not the case.

What this means @Jdforrester-WMF is that I need the change the data model for type "webpage" and convert publicationTitle to websiteTitle ASAP.

We will have to update all existing cite web template data in all languages.

For any types that have specific types, as opposed to the base type publicationTitle, it would be best if we could give them their own citation template. I know that en wiki can support many of these types in their definitions (like cite encyclopaedia).

I can temporarily put both fields in the response in citoid to facilitate a smooth transition. Please don't add any more template data to wikis though until this is deployed though :(.

This will also break all existing wikitext gadgets once we remove the duplicate field (I know there's at least one, although not sure if it's in use)

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Hey, did this get done?

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@Jdforrester-WMF I don't think we settled on a solution?

The low hanging fruit way to resolve this is with templates; fr wiki needs a separate template for blogPost that translates the parameter properly. So one could copy the newspaperArticle template exactly, but then in the templateData use the correct parameter for the publicationTitle. Then change the mediawiki message to do blogPost : blogPost.

The other alternative involves changing how we do templatedata to allow multiple optional parameter names in the citation. I haven't properly thought through how to do that.

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Of note, @Elitre recently forwarded me a community complaint about this same issue, and I suggested the same solution (copy the template and fix the templateData).

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Why is the og:site_name property reserved to pages recognized as "webpage"?
Couldn't it be tried on pages recognized as "blogPost", "videoRecording", "film" and maybe others?
Since this is stalled, it would fix websites such as, and

Something that I don't understand is that
,while recognized as blogPost, gets its "og:site_name" property correctly extracted (Citoid)
but doesn't (Citoid).

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