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Zero: prepare for WikiHiero changes
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Hey, I'm working on a set of changes that would change the output of <hiero> from a bucnh of tables with PNGs served from to divs that use inline CSS hacks to display SVGs with PNG fallback, with images served from An approximate look of new output, still being worked on so subject to slight changes:

<div class="mw-hiero-div" style="width: 102px; height: 52px; background: url('') no-repeat; background-image: linear-gradient(transparent, transparent), url('')" title="A1-A2"></div>

With WP Zero, a few issues arise:

  • Images are going to be loaded from a different domain which is not necessarily whitelisted by carriers like bits is.
  • However, considering that the new REST services are being introduced very actively, we should probably start working with carriers on always whitelisting it because it's going to be as important as bits.
  • Meanwhile, we could start removing the hieroglyphics just like the ordinary images.

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Note that if the move of the APIs to the main domains per T95229 will happen, users will not be charged in any case, but still need to assess the impact on traffic usage and whether we want to remove hieroglyphics when images are disabled.