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Improve Graphoid code
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Before deploying Graphoid, it's code needs to be cleaned up a bit. Namely:

  • Update to the latest version of service-template-node - T94013
  • Remove unnecessary code inherited from the template (in routes/) - T93919
  • Write Graphoid-specific tests - T93921
  • Make the tests pass (currently not even JSHint checks pass) - T93911

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Please file additional issues as separate tasks.

Reopening due to unmet dependencies

Should this issue be closed now?

Gave it a final look, looks good now, so resolving.

The only thing left to deal with are vega logs which get printed to stderr, and looking at the code, that's a hardcoded feature unfortunately. Having these logs in production could help a lot.

Vega is on github, send them an issue)

Change 203009 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mobrovac):
Minor logger fixes