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Create a way to mark Flow Topics as unread
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Currently, visiting a topic page will mark it as read.
As an editor, I might read the topic, and decide halfway through that I don't have time to reply at the moment.
I want a way to mark a topic as "unread", so that it's back to being highlighted in my Notifications.

This would be similar to the way I will often use "mark as unread" in email/gmail.
This would be similar to the way that an editor can choose to not mark a LQT topic as "read".

Context: This was recently discussed in where @He7d3r wrote

the "way to mark the ones that I've read" must not be automatically marking them as read as soon as I open them, because sometimes I can get an idea that the message is complicated to deal with even before finishing reading it... and I would want to mark it as unread, for resolving the issue later.

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This could be a good, fairly simple change. Let's talk about this when we figure out the bigger question of notifications/watchlists -- I'm hearing a need for something that's more like a bookmark system. Notifications might not be the best way to handle this use case.