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Workboard columns renames are not logged in the UI
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T93210 is said to be in "May-June" column of the Roadmap project. Till short ago, that column was named "April-something". I can't see the change logged anywhere, be it or elsewhere.

Changes to column names are logged in the Phabricator database. Example query:

SELECT project_columntransaction.oldValue, project_columntransaction.newValue, project_columntransaction.dateModified, project_columntransaction.authorPHID, project_column.projectPHID FROM project_columntransaction JOIN project_column WHERE project_columntransaction.transactionType = "project:col:name" and project_columntransaction.dateModified > 1446395000 AND project_columntransaction.objectPHID = project_column.phid;
(you might want to improve this query by replacing projectPHID and authorPHID by their actual human-readable values)

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If you would like to discuss this with upstream you will have to provide a usecase.

The use case is that I'd like the comments in the mentioned bug to make sense, and they currently don't because history has been rewritten by renaming the workboard.

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While I agree that logging changes in workboard columns would be consistent with the general behavior of Phabricator, this would not solve directly the use case you are reporting here, because such changes would not be visible from the task itself.

The problem in this Roadmap example is that columns should not be repurposed i.e. from one quarter to the next one. A new column should be created for a new quarter, and the relevant tasks should be moved to the new column, removing the old one eventually. This would trigger the right logs and notifications. Adding Team-Practices because this touches their area.

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No need for this to be in TPG backlog, because it's linked to the Epic for Phabricator requests, and that's the primary way we are managing that work.

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