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Increase the clickable region of the "Show all changes" expand box.
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Upstream report:

That very important link/section (as discussed in T912) has a very small target area.

I suggest making the entire yellow box into a clickable link that will "Show all changes".
And increase the height of the box by 50-100%.

Otherwise too many people will miss it, the first (few) times they encounter it.
(I missed it at least once, and searched through other bugs trying to find the comment I had seen before, until I realized that it was hidden in a collapsed section. And I'm a fairly observant person!)

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Somewhat related: provide a keyboard shortcut for expanding hidden changes

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Fixed upstream, where the whole yellow box is clickable now.

A keyboard shortcut should be also available, but isn't working for me yet. More details at

A "@" keyboard shortcut to expand the messages has been implemented upstream: