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Migrate user research Trello board to Phabricator
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@aripstra asks;

Please migrate every column of the user research Trello board except "done" to the Design-Research Phabricator project

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The cards are migrated, log output. (The additional Trello->Phabricator username mappings are in gerrit 206086.)


  • Unfortunately moving tasks to matching Phabricator workboard columns is manual work (tip: Ctrl + minus the workboard's browser window so you can more easily drag).
  • If you notice any errors in migrated cards besides the long list of missing features in T821, reassign this to me and/or create phab tickets.
  • You might want to rename the Trello board "User Research DO NOT USE Migrated to Phabricator" to discourage updates.

@Spage Thank you for the support! I have just spent a couple hours triaging and getting to know Phab a bit more. :) I will go ahead and rename the trello board per your recommendation.

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