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Make Special:CXStats layout consistent with Special:CX
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Special:CX uses a full width layout without usual wiki sidebar. Special:CXStats is usual special page right now. It has big tables showing different matrices. The tables are growing and soon it will cross page width. To get some more screen space, making Special:CXstats also full width layout can help. It also make the layout consistent with Special:CX. We can also provide links between these two special pages and user will get a consistent UX.

In addition to this, since Special:CXStats is exposed outside beta, we can link to that from our public communications. People coming to that page is now clueless about -"Ok, good number of translations, me too want to translate. How?". To help this situation, if a user who did not enable cx betafeature come to Stats page, we can provide an easy way to start translating. In CX terminology this is a "campaign". For CX users, we can just give usual CX header.

This is illustrated in two images: and

Campaign effectiveness analytics tooling already exists to measure this.

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Special:CXStats - use same full screen layout of Special:CX

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Special:CXStats - use same full screen layout of Special:CX