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VisualEditor hangs while opening
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I don't think this is related to T67365. VisualEditor's loading bar never finishes loading, and it just hangs aroung the 70% mark. This happens consistently for the editor, in both IE11 and Chrome on an Asus UX305 with Windows 8.1 (everything up to date).

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Which page(s) was this on? Does it still happen?

I've asked the editor for an update. He hasn't saved any (undeleted) edits in VisualEditor (at en.wp) since July 2013.

I've asked the editor for an update.

And the editor's answer is:

I've just tried and it works :), its really coming on leaps and bounds since last time I checked. Cheers

@Whatamidoing-WMF: What does that mean for this task? Close as resolved/obsolete?

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