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jessie installs fail - mirror issue due to jessie release?
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Installs of jessie are now failing to work, due to mirror error during install.

I'll paste the error later, right now I'm troubleshooting a different partman issue and I'm simply making this task so it isn't forgotten. (Whoever goes to install a Jessie server will see the issue.)

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Confirmed. I had carbon do a one off mirror from as mirror failed but the issue was not resolved

Assigning to Faidon since I think he knows the most about our jessie installer setup. Feel free to re-assign further :)

I've checked and fixed some things that I found at random (newer d-i image from stable, unset the udeb suite, checked the mirror status) but it would help... having an error message or a description of what exactly went wrong :)

If you need a node to test, oxygen is ready for a jessie install! I was going to try to do this later today.

OK, @akosiaris gave me logs and helped me debug, so I tracked this down to:

root@carbon:~# wget -qO- | grep -E '^(Suite|Codename):'
Suite: oldstable
Codename: wheezy

root@carbon:~# http_proxy=webproxy.eqiad.wmnet:8080 wget -qO- | grep -E '^(Suite|Codename):'
Suite: stable
Codename: wheezy

Purging webproxy's cached fixed it.