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contribution_source triggers failed for 3% of a sample of donations
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Revisit the triggers that update the contribution_source table and look for holes that would make it possible to omit records. Ellery found that 174 of about 6000 donations are not in the contribution_source table,

        civicrm.civicrm_contribution co,
        drupal.contribution_tracking ct
LEFT JOIN drupal.contribution_source cs
        ON = cs.contribution_tracking_id
WHERE = ct.contribution_id
        AND ts BETWEEN 20150410120000 AND 20150510000000
        AND SUBSTRING_INDEX(ct.utm_source, '.', 1) = 'B15_0410_enUS_dsk_pm_ctl'
        -- Select just rows missing a contribution_source
        AND cs.contribution_tracking_id is NULL

This is used by @ellery and the Online team to run queries and optimize our campaigns.

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Looks like it happens when there are too many terms in the utm_source: ""

ellery added a comment.EditedAug 26 2015, 6:29 PM

@awight has this issue been resolved? drupal.contribution_source is a very useful table. It would be great if this bug got fixed.

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@ellery: No work has been done. Thanks for the ping, I'd really like to fix this, too!

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As @awight determined above, this does seem to happen when there are more than 3 terms in the utm_source. This can be due to an error like but those should be eliminated now by a change in the banners.

However it can also happen when specifying a method plus 'submethod' e.g. or Any thoughts on the best way forward here, should we pass only the submethod in utm_source?

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EYener added a subscriber: EYener.Aug 14 2020, 7:34 PM

Hi all! I found this task because I am experiencing this same problem for the Netherlands banners. As @Pcoombe indicated in the last comment (back in '17!) this seems to be happening with long modifiers. For example, the utm_source does not join to drupal.contribution_tracking, while the does.

All of our reporting cubes are relying on this join and pull heavily from drupal.contribution_source, so I would like to +1 a fix!

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moving this back to somewhere visible.