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"TypeError: 'dict_keys' object does not support indexing" in (Python 3)
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Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "xyz\xxx\", line 89, in <module>
    page.put(page_text, summary)
  File "xyz\pywikibot-core\pywikibot\tools\", line 1105, in wrapper
    return obj(*__args, **__kw)
  File "xyz\pywikibot-core\pywikibot\", line 1144, in put
  File "xyz\pywikibot-core\pywikibot\tools\", line 1105, in wrapper
    return obj(*__args, **__kw)
  File "xyz\pywikibot-core\pywikibot\", line 1062, in save
    cc=apply_cosmetic_changes, **kwargs)
  File "xyz\pywikibot-core\pywikibot\", line 1070, in _save
    summary = self._cosmetic_changes_hook(summary) or summary
  File "xyz\pywikibot-core\pywikibot\", line 1120, in _cosmetic_changes_hook
    self.text = ccToolkit.change(old)
  File "xyz\pywikibot-core\pywikibot\", line 279, in change
    new_text = self._change(text)
  File "xyz\pywikibot-core\pywikibot\", line 273, in _change
    text = self.safe_execute(method, text)
  File "xyz\pywikibot-core\pywikibot\", line 260, in safe_execute
    result = method(text)
  File "xyz\pywikibot-core\pywikibot\", line 849, in fixArabicLetters
    old = digits[digits.keys()[0]]
TypeError: 'dict_keys' object does not support indexing

In Python 3 the dict.keys() method returns a dictionary view object, which does not support indexing.


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digits[digits.keys()[0]] might become list(digits.values())[0], but that part looks broken anyway...

XZise added a comment.Jun 9 2015, 1:09 PM

It seems that this code isn't actually used further down.

The second half of this method was de-activated due to T57185.

Change 246793 had a related patch set uploaded (by John Vandenberg):
Fix Python 3 TypeError in fixArabicLetters

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