implement a sane way to share dotfiles across labs instances
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Especially since we are trying to get people to not use shared NFS homes unless absolutely necessary.

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There may be sane way to use the production dotfiles for a user and include them?

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Production users are manageable, but I don't think we really want every labs user and their dog sending their dotfiles for review into operations/puppet.git. Perhaps a separate repository included in labs somehow?

Oh yes, for sure.

Problem would be to figure out how to make sure that users can't affect each others' dotfiles. Perhaps have a file that points to a git repository that'll be cloned, and the git repository can live anywhere (gerrit, github, phabricator)?

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Per-user information about the repository should be in LDAP. However, if such a solution would be used on a bigger project (and I know that Tools isn't affected by this), this would mean that for each instance for each user a fetch from the repository is performed every 30 minutes. In total, that could be too much.

So, assuming in non-Tools projects the users/administrators will have some familiarity with Puppet and their number is "small", I would favour using a mechanism similar to/identical with modules/admin (could even be the same module if it does not try to create the user in Labs).

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