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implement a simple way to share dotfiles across labs instances
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Especially since we are trying to get people to not use shared NFS homes unless absolutely necessary.

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There may be sane way to use the production dotfiles for a user and include them?

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Production users are manageable, but I don't think we really want every labs user and their dog sending their dotfiles for review into operations/puppet.git. Perhaps a separate repository included in labs somehow?

Problem would be to figure out how to make sure that users can't affect each others' dotfiles. Perhaps have a file that points to a git repository that'll be cloned, and the git repository can live anywhere (gerrit, github, phabricator)?

Per-user information about the repository should be in LDAP. However, if such a solution would be used on a bigger project (and I know that Tools isn't affected by this), this would mean that for each instance for each user a fetch from the repository is performed every 30 minutes. In total, that could be too much.

So, assuming in non-Tools projects the users/administrators will have some familiarity with Puppet and their number is "small", I would favour using a mechanism similar to/identical with modules/admin (could even be the same module if it does not try to create the user in Labs).

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This is not a high priority if the NFS system is not a constant time bomb, but it is something interesting to do.

I will add that this would be a functionality that is not offered even by major cloud providers and is more complex than it seems for something that an individual can simply keep in GitHub for free (and many people do).

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BOLDly setting lowest priority. The reasonably easy solution for this in a Cloud VPS project is to stick your dotfiles in a git repo anywhere in the world and then git clone them on instances as needed. This is not easy to do in the core Wikimedia network because of egress restrictions between the hosts and any git server, but Cloud VPS has no such restrictions. If git is too hard, scp of a tarball works well too.