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Change phab-03 to 2015 redesign
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Phab-03 should be changed to the redesign-2015 branch for testing.

Please T103913 where it was suggested.

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This is something that should be in labs, not production.

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This is something that should be in labs, not production.

right, I corrected the request.

don't we already have several test instances?

(Please don't unsubscribe me from tasks)

For what is worth, anybody with the time can set up a new Phabricator instance in Labs: +

Personally, I can wait until the new design becomes the default. :)

@greg sorry i was editing the description when you was so it was using previous version of description not the one you added so it removed you.

@Paladox: phab-03 is now running the redesign branch

Thanks. seems the top bar is the same color.

@mmodell I'm a little curious to what you did to phab-03. It wasn't fully updated with the origin/redesign-2015 branch and so Spaces wasn't installed which caused a few database errors but nothing really happened. I updated to the latest commit in the redesign branch and the phd services are still failing to connect to the database.

@Negative24: all I did was move it to the redesign branch. I'll look into the database errors.

@Negative24 can you point to where you saw phd connection errors?

What is the actual intention behind of this task? "Creating another instance for phabricator" is not a goal in itself, but just one potential solution to a non-described problem..

Or has this turned into a "Debug phd connection errors on phab-03" by now (changing the task summary welcome)?

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@mmodell Phab-03 wasn't that hard to setup. I'll recreate it tomorrow (couldn't yesterday because I was SSHing through a tablet). Debugging isn't worth it on that machine. I'll poke around in phab-01 to see whats going on there.

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