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Create project page (or equivalent)
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We need a project page, which implies a project name. or an alternative will be created by the end of July (@Qgil is on vacation on July 10-26, that's why). The content from T101950: Goal: Establish a framework to engage with data engineers and open data organizations will be moved there.

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Hi Quim (Markus) and Wikidatans,

Curious what further approaches you might be taking to aggregating online libraries - first by languages - in terms of contributing open data.

CC World University's approach is to wiki-aggregate great online libraries in each of CC Wikipedia/Wikidata's 288 languages (and eventually in all 7,929+ languages, if there are online libraries in each of all languages) and eventually hire interns to do this somewhat systematically. "Library Resources" are one of the main ~10 foci/areas for inter-lingual WUaS (see: beginning with this "Library Resources" wiki-school - - which is also a kind of template for each language's libraries, and which is extensible.

Each library would become a reference and a link to their databases, informed first by the extensible 288 languages in Wikipedia/Wikidata.

WUaS would like to explore contributing the above ~ 10 main foci/areas to Wikidata, especially the Languages-Libraries as Schools' open data structure (see the blog post above about this), and also needs some help with developing this contribution to Wikidata.


Quim and All, Where does this project stand now? How might we develop it further? Thank you, Scott

Back from vacation, and landing.

I saw this interesting link for this page:

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Trying to create a "thumb-up" meme. Well, I couldn't. Thanks for creating the page!

I have started to construct pages for the specific needs of the Wikidata project in Finland. The Finnish pages will have a lot in common with this initiative. We will contribute to the international pages gradually once we know what works. You may also peek in

@Susannaanas, I'm quite ashamed to say that my years living in Finland are not helping reading that page, but I'm very happy to hear that you can see already the connections. This makes me think that the "central" page should include pointers to related language/geography specific initiatives, which would help these new orgs establishing closer contacts, and would help us decentralizing the support effort.

PS: see the "Award Token" link at the top right nav bar. :) is in a good enough state to resolve this task.

I will keep editing the page as we progress in other areas, and as we learn from our collaboration with other organizations. It's a wiki page ;) so if someone wants to jump in, feel free.