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Make ContentTranslation work for Wikivoyage
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This should:

  1. Automatically adapt article templates, {{pagebanner}}, article status template and {{IsPartOf}} (Note this template's parameter is a page name in orginal wiki, which should be changed to the page name in target wiki)
  2. Adapt {{listing}} and other listing template. The content should be translatable but we should not convert them to raw texts in source code.
  3. Do not adapt any categories. They will be automatically added by template and are hidden.

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None of the requirements in the bug description should need special work in the code of ContentTranslation for this particular family of sites. It should be fairly similar to Wikipedia. Wikivoyage deployment is mostly a matter of deployment. But maybe I'm missing something that I'll only notice when we actually deploy? :)

Now that I'm actually thinking about it a bit more, here are some thoughts about what this may entail other than just a deployment:

  • Till now we've only dealt with languages and not wikis. We'll probably have to change the cx_translations table and add a column that describes the project (Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, etc.), or maybe the source and the target dbs (enwiki, eswiki, mlwiki, enwikivoyage, ruwikivoyage, etc).
  • Related to the above point: How will statistics be counted on CXStats? Makes more sense to me to count the number of Wikivoyage translations separately from Wikipedia, but this will probably require a bit of code update.
  • The templates in Wikivoyage are probably significantly different from Wikipedia. We cannot do much about it as developers. We'll be happy to hear about particular issues, but we cannot commit to fixing them, and we cannot do much more than instruct the community how to adapt them.
  • I heard that Wikivoyage at least in some languages has gadgets for adding locations, reviews, or maps. These won't be relevant for Content Translation, which only creates the first static version of a page.
  • We may have to check some icons, URLs, and UI strings that refer specifically to "Wikipedia" or "article" and make them generic.

There may be more things.

Please install this tool at the Hebrew WIkivoyage. This tool is especially needed at the Hebrew WIkivoyage as we don't have many people translating content, a relative large amount of content needs to be translated to Hebvoy, and unfortunately so far multiple people I contacted refused to take part in the translation efforts as long as this tool does not exist in the Hebrew Wikivoyage as well.

Please install this tool at the Chinese WIkivoyage! because many of our Chinese Wikivoyage want to try to get outside information by translation.

I think this tool should be implemented in all branches of Wikivoyage to support the small communities.

Please install this tool at the Chinese WIkivoyage! because many of our Chinese Wikivoyage want to try to get outside information by translation.

I agree. I will definitely contribute more to Chinese Wikivoyage if this tool is available