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Search input field height is too small
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Search input field looks tall but the real input field inside of it is not very high. We found that in some languages (e.g. Tamil) some text got cropped because od this.

The padding of the search bar element and the input field size should be adjusted so that the search bar is visually the same but the inner input field is higher.

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Change 224974 had a related patch set uploaded (by Santhosh):
Make the height of search input field same as its container

I cannot reproduce the problem. I pasted Tamil text into the search box and it looked OK. I'd expect the screenshot to show the problem, but actually it shows a DOM inspector.

That screenshot shows the problem with padding. Here is a better screenshot showing text being cut in search field

OK, that's convincing enough. Maybe it's different in my browser.

Change 224974 merged by jenkins-bot:
Make the height of search input field same as its container