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Create QuickSurveys extension
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Members of the reading team need a space to create a new survey system. See T107581, and T104439

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I don't understand what the difference between T107799 ("Create QuickSurveys extension") and T107581 ("Create a QuickSurveys extension") is. (Looks like deliberately creating duplicates currently.)
Or their relationship, because no task is blocking or blocked by this one.

@Aklapper This is an extension request task. The other task includes pushing the extension skeleton to the repo.

Like a request for a git repository? Those are handled on

@Legoktm. Thanks I couldn't remember the page for that. I guess I thought the phabricator project "MediaWiki-Extension-Requests" would be sufficient.

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Nope, doubt anyone really reads tasks in that project. Doesn't seem like a Wikimedia-Extension-setup task either seeing as this extension doesn't exist yet, so marking as invalid.