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End-term evaluation for "Reinvent Translation Search"
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End-term evaluations will be performed by the mentors. All students and mentors must submit their evaluation on Melange after 21st August and before 28th August 2015.

General checklist for a successful evaluation:

Additional information, if any:

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Assigning to Phoenix303 for the wrap-up and documentation part, which should hopefully be quite quick.

NiharikaKohli, the melange part doesn't apply to us, please clarify whether we have to do something on or other.

@Nemo_bis, as far as I know, you don't have to do anything on @Qgil, you might know, is there a formal process for submitting evaluations for Outreachy?

In previous editions, the organizers sent an email to all mentors requesting their evaluation via email in very simple terms (as in PASS / FAIL with some commentary).

OPW organizers insisted on a wrap up blog post aggregated to their planet, and I expect Outreachy to do the same now. More a strong recommendation than a hard requirement. Since we are the ones requiring the wrap up post, satisfying Outreachy's end of program should be easy.

@Phoenix303, there are a bunch of other links you need to provide here. :)

In T109307#1559719, @NiharikaKohli wrote:

@Phoenix303, there are a bunch of other links you need to provide here. :)

Done. Thanks @NiharikaKohli :)

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