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[tracking] End term evaluations for GSoC 2015 and Outreachy 10 projects
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End-term evaluations will be performed by the mentors. All students and mentors must submit their evaluation on Melange after 21st August and before 28th August 2015.

General checklist for a successful evaluation:

  • End-term goals as outlined in the project timeline are complete
  • Project is completed and hosted on Labs/elsewhere - in a demo-able condition (please provide link to the demo)
  • Weekly reports are up-to-date and complete
  • The student has been in regular touch with mentors
  • Tasks have been created for known bugs, missing features, and suggested improvements (link to project board).
  • Documentation for users and contributors is created (for example, if this is an extension project, provide link to extension page with installation instructions, project description and database information clearly provided)
  • Wrap-up report is up-to-date (Link please)
  • Summary is provided on the past projects page (GSoC or Outreachy)

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@Qgil, any comments on this before I create subtasks for all projects?

The checkbox in contains more items...

In order to avoid the problems of T717, I would keep the checklist as we planned it.

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@Qgil, I added some details for the checklist items - have a look?