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End-term evaluation for "Graph editing in VE"
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End-term evaluations will be performed by the mentors. All students and mentors must submit their evaluation on Melange after 21st August and before 28th August 2015.

General checklist for a successful evaluation:

Additional information, if any:

Most of the functionality is ready to be merged, and will hopefully be merged to master very very soon. The project is done according to its scope (and beyond) and all goals are met. What is left is just code review (Which is done as we speak) and merging to master. The Graph extension is available on production wikis.

*On this page, edit the bar graph under "Embedded directly using <graph>", the other graphs on this page are actually transcluded from other pages via TemplateData and are as such not supported by graph-ve at this point.

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@ferdbold, your role for this task is to provide the necessary links only. The checkboxes are for the mentor to fill.

Hi @ferdbold, some more links are required in this evaluation.

Looks good. Yay, we have an awesome new VE feature now. :)

There's gonna be a demo soon!