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[CatWatch] Page ID for categorizations in API inconsistent
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The pageid in API output (for watchlist and recentchanges) for categorizations is inconsistent with other pageids. Example change:

    "type": "categorize",
    "ns": 14,
    "title": "Kategorie:TestKategorie",
    "pageid": 1205,
    "revid": 11474,
    "old_revid": 0,
    "rcid": 17417,
    "timestamp": "2015-08-19T16:27:42Z"

1205 is not the page ID for Kategorie:TestKategorie, but for Wikipedia:Spielwiese, the page that was categorized. In all other places title and pageid refer to the same page, so the current behavior is inconsistent.

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Feature was reverted with

Hopefully they fix this if they resubmit the feature.

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Re opening per being open and a WIP which should then solve this issue

Re opening per being open and a WIP which should then solve this issue

It seems odd to me to have a bug open when it only exists in code that isn't actually merged anywhere.

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Change 233441 had a related patch set uploaded (by Addshore):
[WIP] Enable users to watch category membership changes (try #2)

So, I just went and change this in the current change.
The change can be seen at

This however means that RCCacheEntryFactory now no longer has any access to the pageid of the change that may have added / removed the category...
Which I guess was why it was done the way it was done!

Then I went to read specifically for rc_title and rc_cur_id and it doesn't actually state that they necessarily refer to the same thing

The more I look at it the more I feel that....
title and namespace must refer to the Category in question
cur_id, this_oldid, last_oldid must refer to the change / edit if possible (that added or removed the cat)
Although this kind of sucks as then there is no ID for the category, just a title, though this probably doesn't matter too much... I mean the title doesn't change if I move a page, so it wont change if I move a category....

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