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Tweak importer to allow converting opt-out wikis (LQT->Flow)
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The current script works by the looking for useliquidthreads:1, converting, then removing the useliquidthreads.

That doesn't work on three WMF wikis (strategywiki, sewikimedia, ptwikibooks), since there it is enabled by default (

The simplest way I can think to do this is to look for talk pages without useliquidthreads:0 (it's okay if it has useliquidthreads:1), double-check they're enabled (using LqtDispatch) as we already do, convert, remove useliquidthreads:1 (if it's there), then add useliquidthreads:0.

This can be done either by subclassing LiquidThreadsApi\ConversionStrategy and adjusting the entry points, or just always handling both scenarios in the same conversion strategy (probably the latter is better).

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Change 234089 had a related patch set uploaded (by Sbisson):
Allow converting entire LQT namespaces

Change 234089 merged by jenkins-bot:
Allow converting entire LQT namespaces

Checked in betalabs (convertLqtPageOnLocalWiki.php and checking templates).