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Audit extensions using authentication-related hooks
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There are a few hooks other than T110414 which are related to authentication (or authentication data change) and using them is a sign that the extension might benefit from an update after AuthManager is merged. Possibly incomplete list (I just searched doc/hooks.txt for hooks with "abort", "login", "auth", "session", "email" or "password" in the name):


Login/signup/logout process:

Email change:

Password change:

Password reset:

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Omitting the extensions already listed in the other audit tasks, the matching extensions (on gerrit) are (extensions that are probably not affected by AuthManager are striked through):

  • AccountAudit: just stores audit info on login
  • ArticleFeedbackv5: uses UserLoginComplete to preserve workflow through login
  • BlueSpiceExtensions: the UserManager sub-extension tries to be its own auth manager
  • Campaigns: just logs info on registration
  • CustomUserSignup: replaces the signup template with a custom one. This will probably not be possible with AuthManager. Extension is unmaintaned and superseded by Campaigns and GettingStarted so that's probably not a huge deal.
  • FlaggedRevs: does some non-auth-related session magic (review conflict prevention?) on UserLoadAfterLoadFromSession
  • GettingStarted: uses UserLogoutComplete to clean up some cookies
  • GlobalBlocking: blocks password reset via SpecialPasswordResetOnSubmit when the user is blocked; we can probably keep that
  • InviteSignup: disallow registration unless the user follows a link from an invite email. Maybe this could be a pre-auth provider, but it won't be broken by the auth framework rewrite.
  • LDAPAuthorization: authz
  • MobileFrontend: does its own login not anymore, just adds a logo to the forms
  • NetworkAuth: IP-based authentication. Should be a session handler.
  • NSFileRepo: authz
  • OnlineStatus: just updates status on login/logout
  • OnlineStatusBar: just updates status on login/logout
  • Persona: reimplements both normal and API login. Should be a provider.
  • PrivateDomains: authz
  • SecurePasswords: uses a bunch of hooks to influence password validation and storage. As long as the local password provider keeps those hooks, we should be fine.
  • SecurePoll: rolls its own authorization. Probably should be turned into a session provider but it won't be directly affected by AuthManager.
  • SimpleSecurity: authz
  • SocialLogin: login via various social media sites; should be a primary provider
  • SportsTeams: messes with Special:UserLogin in horrible hacky ways. Probably beyond saving.
  • StalkerLog: audits logins/logouts via UserLoginComplete/UserLogoutComplete
  • Sudo: probably could be rewritten cleaner as a session handler, but it won't break.
  • Translate: provides its own auth manager; that should probably be killed
  • WebPlatformAuth: exports user auth data in the (PHP) session so that it can be accessed by other websites. Probably just needs some hook name changes.
  • WikimediaIncubator: uses the auth form to pass some user data (such as which project the user is incubating). Might be cleaner as a secondary provider.
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