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Tracking: API/backend issues blocking Wikipedia app development
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This is a tracking bug for any issues with the API or backend that are blocking, or causing undue difficulties to, the Mobile Apps Team from developing the Wikipedia app.



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This is probably stalled by definition, right? :-)

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Hi Bryan -- here's a ticket that mobile app team has been using to tracking platform requests.


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Can we prioritize these? What's blocking near term releases/features?

@Eloquence Nothing in this list is blocking feature development right now. Mostly these are either causing performance issues or are areas where features are working suboptimally as a result of the issue. The three highest priority for us in the short term are:

T87824 - Specialised content API for apps
T86955 - Descriptions out of date in image viewer
T87336 - PageImages returning images way below the fold

All of the account creation and login ones are not a priority in the short term, but in the mid term where we're imagining Collections being on the apps then those bubble up in priority because the account creation and login workflow become much more important.

Does that answer your question or do you need more information?

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This comment was left on the wrong task, so I deleted it. :-)

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@JMinor @Dbrant Is this task still useful to you two? I created it back when I was the product owner for the apps as a tracking mechanism, so if it's not useful to either of you any more then we can just close it.

I haven't referred to this task in quite a while. I'd be fine with closing.

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Per the above, this task has served its purpose, so closing accordingly.