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[Story] Using copy-pasted source URLs while editing Wikidata items
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User story

I, as an experienced user in the Wikimedia universe, want to be able to use copy-pasted source URLs while editing Wikidata items.

Incomplete list of examples:

  1. I want to be able to copy-paste Wikipedia and other external URLs describing a sitelink (e.g. instead of picking "enwiki" and "Uniform resource identifier" from suggesters (already tracked in T49983).
  2. I want to be able to copy-paste Wikidata concept URIs when asked for a property or item (T117763).
  3. I want to paste concept URIs when asked for a calendar model, …
  4. … globe, …
  5. … or quantity unit (partly tracked in T112082).
  6. I want to paste Wikimedia Commons URLs when searching for an image (T147917).

In all cases I want to use both concept URIs and wiki URLs (e.g. and and expect the software to do the normalization for me.

In all cases this should be possible not only in the UI but also in the relevant special pages and the API sandbox.

Implementation details

  • In cases where the UI does nothing but forwarding, this can be solved by teaching the API how to resolve full URLs.
  • In other cases the UI must learn that it's ok to forward full URLs.
  • Relevant special pages should be rewritten to use the API internally instead of reimplementing the API modules logic.

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Problems with adding links to Wikipedia were mentioned by two groups of students (of seven) who used Wikidata for a university assignment.