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Where QuickSurveys are located should be improved
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Problems with existing implementation


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On various pages the survey can lead to a bad use of whitespace.


Survey positioning is inconsistent across pages. Sometimes it's above the ToC (, sometimes it's below (, and sometimes you don't even notice it exists because the page takes too long to load (

We should have a more consistent location for the survey.

JS dependency

Determine if it should really load after all content is loaded or not, given that many people appear to be scrolling down before it's been loaded. (A floating survey that scrolls with you could be one solution to this.)

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Another issue I have encountered is the survey ends up in the div mw-content-text > div mw-parser-output. It should be out of that content text.

The use case is creating a dummy page and asserting the page content matches what has been filled. The content is different due to the insertion of the QuickSurvey HTML.

A floating survey that scrolls with you could be one solution to this.

Oh god no.

I thought developers might be able to come up with better solutions when I reported T269025, not worse..

So I guess you do need my opinion despite me not being a web designer or WMF employee. Well, the most obvious solution is.. not doing a survey. But I guess WMF won't take no for an answer here.. So the next most obvious solution is a top banner. See the CentralNotice here?

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You could put it there. But possibly more important: there has to be a way to get rid of it. As my expertise appears to be required:

  • Place an "X" labeled tiny button in the top right corner. Many users are familiar with this.
  • In addition to that, if a user selects "No thanks", the survey should disappear, if not immediately, after a few seconds.
  • Make sure a cookie is placed to remember that a user has participated in or rejected a survey (it doesn't matter whether they participated or rejected) and don't display the same survey again.