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Worldpay frontend donation missing payment_method
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Very strange failmail just came through, looks like something in the session was stale, which is consistent with the fact that it came in hours after the campaign went down. No other log entries for this ID, though.

txn_id: 28438387

This one came in through /job/Donations queue consume/375435/consoleFull and by that point, payment_method was empty and payment_submethod=cb.
In the payments logs, at Oct 19 21:55:26.

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Is this actually blocking the campaign?

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Three of these have come in so far this morning, so I bumped priority and added to the sprint. Feel free to fight me on this, it's affecting very few donors, but it's bad breakage when it does.

We just turned the campaign on, so probably a good thing to address before
it effects more people.

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This has 2 lines of defense now: &

Waiting to see if the few we missed will show up in audit files

Will reopen if we see dem failmails

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