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Phase 1: Display nearby categories when user uploads a photo
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Phase 1: App should display nearby categories when user uploads a photo

  • Identify the best strategy/APIs to find nearby categories
  • Extract GPS coordinates from the picture
  • Implement asynchronous calls to the APIs
  • Show resulting categories

This task is documented in greater detail at

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You should talk to @Niedzielski and @Nicolas_Raoul about how to go about organizing the board better. Some examples are crosswatch and MediaWiki-extensions-Newsletter. But every project is different. :)

Haha, I agree - there's definitely room for improvement there. I had initially planned to make Phase 1 and Phase 2 each a subtask of the main task, and then each weekly deliverable a subtask of Phase 1 or Phase 2 respectively. Not sure if that's a good plan? And I'm not sure what column names to use for the overall board organization. Hope @Niedzielski or @Nicolas_Raoul can chime in. :)

Chatted with Nicolas and got things sorted, thanks. :)

@Nicolas_Raoul @Niedzielski - A testing question: Currently my method of testing the app is to actually upload a real picture from the pics stored on my computer or phone (that I would have uploaded to Commons anyway) and proceed from there. AFAIK users need to upload a picture before they can even access the categorization feature. As the bulk of this project will be regarding categorization, this means that a new picture needs to be uploaded each time I test the app... So I'm concerned that I will run out of my own pictures quite early on.

Is there a better way of going about this?

@josephine_l, I am not sure, but couldn't you set up a test instance of Commons on Labs and use it to test it instead of uploading to the real Commons? If the mentors agree, setting up the instance shouldn't take long.

@josephine_l, I think the board looks great! Consider adding a "doing" column. Work currently in progress would move to this column. Once complete, it would move to "done".

Oh, and here's an example[0] from our current sprint in the Wikipedia app. For reference only, don't feel obligated to copy the format :)


Added a 'Doing' column, thanks!

A test Commons instance would not contain enough variety of categories (I remember this was already discussed elsewhere)

@Nicolas_Raoul Yeah, I talked to you about it a couple of days after I posted the question here. :) Sorry about the redundancy.