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Give Bartosz access to stat1003 ("researchers" and "statistics-users")
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Please give Bartosz (MatmaRex) membership of the "researchers" and "statistics-users" groups so that they can access stat1003 for EventLogging analysis.


Related Gerrit Patches:
operations/puppet : productionadd matmarex to researchers

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statistics-users is not necessary, researchers is the right group.

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It looks like this is the first access request for Bartosz. Please have him go through the steps here if he hasn't already, and let's get the information on this task (gerrit patch with ssh key, perferred shell user name, link to wikitech page,). He should also sign the L3 statement on Phabricator mentioned on the Requesting shell access page. @Jdforrester-WMF are you his manager? If so I can take manager approval as a given. Thanks!

Full name: Bartosz Dziewoński
Wikitech page:ński
Labs username: Bartosz Dziewoński (yeah, with a space and a diacritic… hopefully won't be a problem here)
Preferred shell user name: matmarex
Public key:

(I'm not sure where to submit a patch, and the page you linked says that uploading it here is also fine)

I signed L3.

To be more precise than "EventLogging analysis": I'm going to be working on T95527/T91652.


The labs username stuff needed is just your shell name (uid, not cn which is used for wikitech usernames). Which you've given as preferred shell name anyway.

Change 256000 had a related patch set uploaded (by ArielGlenn):
add matmarex to researchers, statistics-users

Hmmm looking at the staff and contractors page, it looks like @Wwes is the manager (please correct me if this is wrong). Adding him so we can get sign-off. Also @matmarex please check the changeset above for typos for your account name and so on.

Lindsey Anne Frankenfield will be his manager but she is just starting. @TrevorParscal is technically his manager and can approve this.

@Trevor, can you sign off please?

I think Ariel meant to ping @TrevorParscal here, which is important because Bartosz needs this access to implement some time-sensitive features.

I, Trevor Parscal, hereby approve of giving Bartosz Dziewoński membership in the "researchers" and "statistics-users" groups.

Dzahn claimed this task.Dec 12 2015, 1:39 AM
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Dzahn added a comment.Dec 12 2015, 2:13 AM

statistics-users is not necessary, researchers is the right group.

How? researchers just gives access to mysql credentials for the research db. Has it been changed? Or is there no limitation on the mysql GRANT to stat1003 and people just connect from anywhere?

Krenair added a comment.EditedDec 12 2015, 2:18 AM

researchers gives access to both stat1003 itself and the mysql credentials. I have the same thing myself to access the EventLogging database (it also provides access to other databases):

krenair@stat1003:~$ ls -l /etc/mysql/conf.d/research-client.cnf
-r--r----- 1 root researchers 108 Mar  4  2015 /etc/mysql/conf.d/research-client.cnf
krenair@stat1003:~$ groups
wikidev researchers
krenair@stat1003:~$ mysql --defaults-file=/etc/mysql/conf.d/research-client.cnf -h analytics-store.eqiad.wmnet -A log -s
mysql:research@analytics-store.eqiad.wmnet [log]>

You can use the credentials in that file to log in to the DB from any other host that can connect to dbstore1002 on the mysql port (this depends on firewalls etc.). I suspect most people just use stat1003 though.

Dzahn added a comment.Dec 12 2015, 2:20 AM

Thanks. Then the researchers group has been changed at some point to include stat1003. Moving and and merging this.

Change 256000 merged by Dzahn:
add matmarex to researchers

Dzahn closed this task as Resolved.Dec 12 2015, 2:38 AM

[stat1003:~] $ id matmarex
uid=2501(matmarex) gid=500(wikidev) groups=500(wikidev),714(researchers)

Dzahn added a comment.EditedDec 12 2015, 2:51 AM

@matmarex your user exists on stat1003.eqiad.wmnet now

the mysql credentials are here, i confirmed i can read them as your user.

matmarex@stat1003: cat /etc/mysql/conf.d/research-client.cnf 
# Note:  This file is managed by Puppet.

#host =
password = ...

Thank you, it all works fine.

Full name: Bartosz Dziewoński
Wikitech page:ński
Labs username: Bartosz Dziewoński (yeah, with a space and a diacritic… hopefully won't be a problem here)

Guess what, it turned out to have been a problem, and it's been dediacriticised in :)