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Request TWN access for bgerstle
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I would like access to so that the iOS team should has (at least) one person with the capability to fix and update localizations used in our app.

My public key can be same one I use on open stack for tool labs:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCtE7l3uz0TZa166vn8T8cEzxyryx/SW5g586t/xhll2uO3MlT4bU3O4oeufPq5tyzZyJpDM74kG9g68sQsejzGGvXgAjpzcMq5HIsxpGvQhfTMnTfdXN6OlO0lfkoG24BgaA0JRxorh2ZLKeU/j4ywCIFkSMZKtpG4xX8x6R7YJy+8Y2HtMdwxt2CQ0/w8JxCHSwk44CDX7Ez42RWmWUVGHA9rY3+lYup0UcpcsJj+LboTIqf7CvWjG5Dt8UYKeqiG3f2472rHqd3w/MNy3z9YSAAhKxNJWgheSBO7xfv6zvX5JpD0Cjfv4I6R4nRasu5slS/Wf7qTQnFIYZ/alB4b bgerstle@Administrators-MacBook-Pro.local

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Note that @bearND and @Niedzielski from the (Android) Apps team already have access

@Nemo_bis You can remove my access if that's a concern.

@Nemo_bis correct. @Niedzielski is currently helping us by running import/exports manually. I'd like to not only take some of of the load off his shoulders, but also make sure the iOS team has the knowledge & permissions to manage both the TWN configuration and running the imports & exports. Up until now, localizations—specifically TWN sync—has been a bit of a mystery to our team, leading to confusion and resistance to change. My goal is to "solve" the mystery by empowering our team to do the updates and manage our configuration.

Will @Niedzielski give you a tutorial how it works or do you need that from us?

@Nikerabbit yes, I paired with @Niedzielski as he did both the Android & iOS updates, and we updated the TWN sync docs for iOS, including the addition of a link to the configuration file in the repo. My hope is that we can write one (or two) scripts and commit them to the iOS repo to automate the workflow (since we have a couple add'l steps aside from the translatewiki repo commands).

In either case, the goal is to be as autonomous as possible, only pinging you guys when we run into infrastructure-related issues, or guidance for interacting with the translator community.

I'm in!

bgerstle@translatewiki:~$ echo "Hello world!"
Hello world!

Nikerabbit closed this task as Resolved.Dec 8 2015, 3:52 PM

I am happy to get pinged and get things improved, that's not the issue. I just wanted to make sure you know how to avoid stepping on anyone's toes as there are potential race conditions.

I just wanted to make sure you know how to avoid stepping on anyone's toes as there are potential race conditions.

Ah, are there any guidelines I should read?

Not really. has some info but looks partially outdated or incomplete.

The big thing is that processMessageChanges.php -> Special:ManageMessageGroups workflow can only handle one user at a time. So before doing imports better check that nobody else is doing that at the same time.