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Allow changing visibility of multiple revisions on Special:Contributions/DeletedContributions
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Special:Contributions should have the same interface for selecting revisions to use RevDel as &action=history does - checkboxes alongside each revision and a "Change visibility of selected revisions" button. At present it only has a "(change visibility)" link for each individual revision, which makes it a massive pain trying to hide a spree of vandalism.

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We should consider changing the revdel submission to POST request as the URL has a max limit. This would probably be most easily achieved by adding a new special page.

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@Glaisher do you mean rewriting Special:RevisionDelete and porting all current users, or creating a new RevDel page with additional functionality?

@Glaisher: Could you answer the last comment by @lfaraone, please?

@Glaisher: Could you answer the last comment by @lfaraone, please?

Sorry, I missed this; thanks for the ping.

I was thinking of a page with a workflow similar to Special:Nuke. There would be a form which lets admins filter by username/page/action/timestamp etc and would show the edits and log actions matching the criteria submitted by the user. These can then be selected by checkboxes and submitted with a UI similar to the current Special:RevisionDelete.

The pages which currently use checkboxes+button to link to Special:RevisionDelete would be switched to link to the new page with the matching conditions of those entries so that they can be deleted. I'm not sure how easy this would be to implement as I am not familiar with this part of the codebase.

It'd be nice, if possible, to pair a solution for this with a fix for T23272 rather than mirror the issue there (i.e., checkboxes prevent display of oversight status to oversighters).