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Differentiate graphically deleted vs. suppressed revisions in history and log
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Now I see what's going on!

Previously, the bolding of show/hide links was used to indicate suppressed vs. admin-level redacted revisions.

However with a move to checkboxes, the show/hide links have been removed from some pages. So this isn't clear any more.

That information needs to be reinstated and shown for oversighters on page histories, and also on any other pages which were moved to checkboxes rather than del/undel links. Bold was a good way, what else can be done instead?

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oversight-wp wrote:

Maybe indicate with red 's' as how minor edits are displayed.

Changing summary to make it understandable.
This is a problem also in logs: if you're a sysop you're provided links to deleted or suppressed revisions although you can't actually see the former ones (and you see only an error); this may be confusing (see also bug 23651 which would provide those links to everyone).

  • Bug 24122 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Pardon my ignorance, but I wonder what the "ang" stands for in the bug summary "Differentiate graphically deleted vs. suppressed revisions in history ang log" or if it's a typo for something I don't know.

Presumably it ought to mean "and". Adjusted.

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