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PDF rendering: \text inside a formula disturbed
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A PDF file created by bookcmd=render_article&writer=rdf2latex contains a lot of errors. This task replaces T121349 detail #6.

\text parts inside a <math> formula that contain more than one word aren't shown in the correct sequence: "mit dem Winkel" is replaced by "Winkel dem mit", e.g.

Look at error #6 on page 3 f. in appendix 2.

How to check the problem

  1. MathML in user preferences / appearance.
  2. de-Wikibooks chapter "Komplexe_Zahlen/_Darstellungsformen" - the requested page (Internet Explorer 11 isn't able to show correct formulas using MathML)
  3. Use Print/Preview/Print of the browser (here: Firefox 42.0) - every part of the page is printed correctly (IE isn't able to show any formulas)
  4. Use Special:Book render_article rdf2latex and store the created pdf file.
  5. Appendix 1 F3079535 is the created pdf file without any change.
  6. Appendix 2 F3079554 shows the error described above.

More errors are described in other tasks. (In appendix 2 there are additional faults caused by convertion to OpenOfficeGraph odg but irrelevant to MediaWiki problems.)

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Is this still going to be an issue with the new Proton service?

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Is this still going to be an issue with the new Proton service?

I went to and clicked "Als PDF herunterladen", then pressed "Herunterladen" button.
The result is:

One can see that none of the problems described in this ticket in F3079554 happen anymore with the current software stack (Proton, Electron-PDFs).