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Make all /r/project/* paths in phabricator accessible without login
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There are redirects implemented to translate paths from our git repositories to diffusion callsigns. That's because we have templates on linking to git repositories, like Template:WikimediaDownload, based on the extension name.

For example, on the Extension:Echo page, there's a link to the repo summary pointing to, which redirects to

The problem here is that, while the repository URL is public, the URL prior to the redirect is not, displaying a login form for people not logged in. Hence, for now the link to was restored:

I think this should be a simple matter of permissions under the /r/project/ path.

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I guess this is a general bug, because I can't see a change to fix it at configuration settings. Echo is visible for all users, and Diffusion in general too, so I don't see a chance to fix it, by changing the config here, so we need to report it upstream.

How is the redirect performed from /r/project/ to /diffussion? Is it done by phabricator itself, an extension, or some kind of rewrite rule?

It should be done by phabricator I think, so this is a phabricator bug.

Yes, but not upstream. Patch coming up.

Change 261725 had a related patch set uploaded (by Alex Monk):
Gerrit: /r/project redirect paths are public

Change 261725 merged by 20after4:
Gerrit: /r/project redirect paths are public

I've just deployed @Krenair's patch and it fixed the issue.