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Content for AbuseFilter was transformed into JSON
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In these logs, new_wikitext and added_lines have JSON instead of the entity serialization in old_wikitext:

I cannot say under what conditions this happens though KasparBot triggered a filter many times as a result of this bug.

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Two of the linked changes are rollbacks... aren't rollbacks excluded from AbuseFilter at all? This could also indicate a bug.

I could reproduce this by undoing a content object using the api with action=edit&undo=…&undoafter=…. Will look into this further.

These weren't actual rollbacks, but emulated ones by @Ricordisamoa's

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The problem here got visible with @aude's a225cbdca89563e878c19580fb04c9e1d805d6c7 which made it possible to use ApiEditPage for undoing edits on entity content.

ApiEditPage always runs APIEditBeforeSave, even when undoing an edit. That is inconsistent with for example EditFilterMergedContent.

I see two ways to fix this:

  • Don't run the hook on undo (this is a breaking change, but would make the behavior consistent with EditFilterMergedContent)
  • Make AbuseFilter ignore undos coming in via that hook

Whatever we choose to do, we should document the (new) behavior of the hook properly (right now its not obvious whether it's supposed to run on undo or not).

These weren't actual rollbacks, but emulated ones by @Ricordisamoa's

Ha! I knew it was going to mess up one day... (only using undo since Jan 23)

@Anomie Given you moved this to not a core issue, I suspect you say that the core behavior shouldn't be altered?

Yeah, it makes more sense to me that the "ApiEditBeforeSave" hook would be called for all API action=edit calls, including undo.

Whatever conversion is applied to new_wikitext and added_lines, can't it be applied regardless of the action?

Change 278071 had a related patch set uploaded (by Hoo man):
Don't filter undos coming in via the "APIEditBeforeSave" hook

Change 278071 merged by jenkins-bot:
Don't filter undos coming in via the "APIEditBeforeSave" hook

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