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Postmortem: Nodepool can't add slaves to Jenkins due to config plugin directory reaching 32k inodes
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On 2016-02-16 21:11:25 Nodepool started raising alarms while attempting to add a slave in Jenkins:

JenkinsException: Error in request.Possibly authentication failed [500]

The pool of node got quickly exhausted and no build could run anymore.

[22:38:56]  <paladox>	it seems that has frozen again.
[22:52:18]  <paladox>	It seems there is a big queue at because rake-jessie is not working. hashar.
[22:53:19]  <legoktm>	are we out of nodepool slaves?
[22:54:25]  <legoktm>	Feb 16 22:52:09 labnodepool1001 nodepoold[1596]: JenkinsException: Error in request.Possibly authentication failed [500]
[22:56:25]  <+greg-g>	hashar: ^^
[22:56:29]  <legoktm>	paladox: it's building more slaves as we speak, just have to wait a bit
[22:56:30]  <hashar>	!log contint: Nodepool instances pool exhausted
[22:56:42]  <legoktm>	I can see it building more slaves right now

[22:56:45]  <+hashar>	must be some labs issue
[22:57:11]  <legoktm>	hashar: journald has a bunch of exceptions, I think jenkins was returning 500 errors to nodepool?
[22:57:47]  <+hashar>	looking at /var/log/nodepool/nodepool.log on labnodepool1001.eqiad.wmnet
[22:58:11]  <+hashar>	yeah apparently Nodepool could not authenticate with Jenkins
[22:58:32]  <+hashar>	first event on 21:18 UTC
[23:01:16]  <+hashar>	so why the hell does nodepool cant authenticate with Jenkins
[23:02:49]  <+hashar>	!log Nodepool can not authenticate with Jenkins anymore. Thus it can not add slaves it spawned.
[23:11:27]  <+hashar>	I am gonna nuke Jenkins
[23:14:37]  <+hashar>	!log Jenkins: Could not create rootDir /var/lib/jenkins/config-history/nodes/ci-jessie-wikimedia-34969/2016-02-16_22-40-23
[23:14:46]  <+hashar>	CAUSE THERE IS ONLY 32K INODES PER DIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!
[23:15:07]  <+hashar>	found via

[23:17:13]  <+hashar>	!log Jenkins accepting slave creations again. Root cause is /var/lib/jenkins/config-history/nodes/ has reached the 32k inode limit.
[23:17:40]  <+hashar>	2016-02-16 23:16:40,691 INFO nodepool.NodeLauncher: Node id: 35052 added to jenkins
[23:18:16]  <+hashar>	!log jenkins@gallium find /var/lib/jenkins/config-history/nodes -maxdepth 1 -type d -name 'ci-jessie*' -exec rm -vfR {} \;

The Jenkins master has plugin that keep an history of config changes and that includes slaves. When we have reached 32k + entries in the directory /var/lib/jenkins/config-history/nodes/ it reached 32k inodes and the file system refused to save. That prevents Jenkins from adding the slave.


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I guess we can now go forward with this task, reopening it now.

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That is solved, the workaround is to garbage collect the nodes history.